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Sun Dance Golf Course first opened its doors in 1963 and has always been considered one of Spokane area’s hidden gems of golf courses. Sun Dance is known for its tall evergreen trees’ lining every hole as well as its small, but phenomenally maintained greens. If you can score at Sun Dance you can score anywhere! The trees and small greens make Sun Dance great for beginners and the avid golfer as it helps shape shots and improves a player’s accuracy. The course is located just minutes from downtown Spokane but offers that sense of solitude. If you’re looking for a course that offers affordable golf, is family friendly, and is all in all Spokane’s best golf value then come on out and enjoy THE DANCE

Sun Dance News

Sun Dance has new rates this year. Because we are making every effort to keep rates down, we have decided to keep the rates standard for all players and give you most affortable rates we can give. Mondays, Early Bird and Twilight rates will be at $1.00 a hole. While Prime rates will run $20.00 during the week, $25.00 for the weekends. For even Cheaper rates, Sun Dance offers a 10 play punch card in which could save you up to $7.00 a round. We also  will be running coupon specials in the near future as well.

For you earl bird golfers, if you can wait a little while the crew is mowing in the early hours, please come out. If the Pro Shop is not open, just make payment when you come around on the turn. All we ask is yeild for the grounds crew before the main group of golfers get out. They do enjoy seeing you out. Otherwise come in when the Pro Shop opens and grab a quick cup.

See you all out here at the Dance, be safe!!!

The Big Kahuna
July 21, 2018

2018 will be the 12th year for the tournament and if you have heard about it or played in previous years you already know that this is the premier golf events in Spokane. This year, the Kahuna will be bigger than it has ever been, featuring a full 144 player morning and afternoon shotguns and The North Shore Shootout on Friday night.  Be sure to check out all of the information on the site so you wont miss out on any of the fun! 

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